African Lion Safari

African Lion Safari
African Lion Safari
African Lion Safari

The African Lion Safari refers to a family-owned safari theme park located in Hamilton in Ontario, Canada. This amazing safari park includes over 1,000 animals belonging to more than 100 species of birds and mammals from all over the earth.

Visitors can tour the park’s 7 game reserves navigated via their own vehicles or on the park’s tour buses. The animals roam freely in these reserves within great, contained areas. Apart from the game reserves, African Lion Safari also has a sizable walking section wherein hundreds of exotic primates and birds, plus pack of Asian Elephants may be observed.

African Lion Safari has seven kinds of reserves that guests can tour. In Nairobi Sanctuary, guests can see llama, Watusi cattle, Egyptian goose, European white stork, East African crane and crested screamer. In Simba Lion Country, they will be able to observe lions roaming freely in their area while in the Duma Cheetah Preserve; it is cheetahs that they will see. In the Wankie Bushland Trail, guests will observe Miniature zebu and baboons.

In Rocky Ridge Veldt, they can see some plains zebra, Rothschild giraffe, wildebeest, Barbary sheep, eland, ostrich, addax, scimitar-horned Oryx and white rhinoceros. The Eurasia reserve has some Himalayan tahr, nilgai, yak, mouflon, fallow deer, sika deer, Père David’s deer, Sicilian donkey and emu. In North America reserve, visitors can witness some bison, fallow deer, and North American elk.

Apart from the reserves, guests may also experience the park’s walking areas. Toucans and Parrots exhibited outside the park’s walking area include scarlet and blue-and-yellow macaw, African grey parrot, military macaw, hyacinth macaw, great green and red-and-green macaw, white cockatoo, Catalina macaw, salmon-crested cockatoo, Alexandrine parakeet, galah, princess parrot, white-throated toucan, and channel-billed toucan.

The park also has some Birds of prey including some bald eagle, African fish eagle, golden eagle, tawny eagle, red-tailed hawk, peregrine falcon, great black hawk, ferruginous hawk, Harris hawk, snowy owl, barn owl, Eurasian eagle owl, spectacled owl, burrowing owl, great horned owl, Marabou stork, king vulture, black vulture, turkey vulture, Andean condor, cinereous vulture, steppe eagle, American kestrel, and Lanner falcon.

Other animals displayed in the walking area include the Asian elephant, collared peccary, American flamingo, black-cappe monkey, alpaca, Indian flying fox, Indian peafowl, African pied crow, pygmy goat, domestic rabbit, tufted capuchin, helmeted guinea fowl, screamer, golden pheasant, turaco, kookaburra, and Victoria crowned pigeon.

African Lion Safari is a great place to visit for families who are interested not only in having a great, enjoyable time but also in learning. Children and adults will surely discover wonderful things about the many animals living in the park as they observe them in their natural state.

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