Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay FL

Busch Gardens Map

Busch Gardens Map
Busch Gardens Map

Busch Gardens is an amusement park the whole family can enjoy. Located in Tampa Bay, Florida you are never too far away from major shopping centres and eateries. Busch Gardens offers hundreds of rides and attractions, so there is something everyone can enjoy. They specialise in true exotic experiences, bringing the heart of Africa right in front of your eyes. Exhibits such as their Cheetah run, Edge of Africa, and Bird Gardens, allow people of all ages to get up close and personal to animals both dangerous and friendly. Busch Gardens offer such a large selection of high quality entertainment; it is unlikely you will be disappointed.

Busch Gardens offers many ride attractions that will have your heart pumping and your excitement through the roof. Rollercoasters such as Cheetah Hun and Scorpion offer a thrilling experience that will have your nerves on end for the rest of the day. But if you really want to cheat death, SheiKra’s 200 foot vertical drop leaves you hanging mercilessly above the ground. But after a day of bullet sweat and tears, it is understandable that one would want to relax on a ride for once. Busch Gardens offers plenty of child-friendly, tension-free rides that are appropriate for toddlers or parents. Jungle Flyers, a slow zip-line style flight attraction lets you “glide” over 50 feet above the ground over Jungala’s village, letting you take in the scenery as you take a breath. But what about night life?

Busch Garden’s has plenty of shows that will keep the entire family entertained. Kinetix, an award-winning, rock-fuelled mix of music and acrobatics will get the entire family pumped, while Pirates 4D sends you into a comedy filled dimension of swashbuckling pirates that will have you keeling over in laughter. There are honestly a multitude of shows available for people of all ages, even some which are designed specifically for children. At Busch Gardens, entertainment is their primary concern.
Probably the most interesting feature about this Florida amusement park is that is also doubles as a zoo. Busch Gardens offers an amazing selection of African safari’s that are truly one in a lifetime experiences. The Endangered Species Safari gives guests a guided tour of the world’s most rare animals, in a up-close and personal way where some people could only imagine. If care-taker is also your fancy, then being a “Keeper for a Day” lets you interact with not only the animals, but also the zookeepers who take care of them, there is no way to get an experience like this anywhere else.

At Busch Gardens amusement park, they promise to give you an exclusive experience that will blow you away, and they do. This has to be one of Florida’s best amusement parks, giving guests opportunities that they can’t get anywhere else. If fun, excitement, and even a little bit of thrilling fear is what you are looking for, then Busch Gardens has you covered.

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